For more than 40 years our goal has been to support small and medium-sized agri-food processing companies by producing the best process lines. In 1977 Antonio Cerri founded Frigojollinox, the first Molise-based company operating in the stainless steel processing industry. Over the years, thanks to our continuous relationship with our national and international customers,  farms and agro-food companies, and our desire to meet their needs, we have designed unique and revolutionary systems by applying highly innovative technologies. Today, our catalogue counts more than 250 products, to include systems and accessories, which allow us to offer each of our customers a production line suited to their specific needs.

"Our systems are born of our deep awareness, acquired over time, which has made our customers an integral part of every project carried out.”

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In the production of multifunctional benches

Antonio Cerri, an entrepreneur from Molise active in the supply of professional furnishings since the late 1950s, founded Frigojollinox in 1977 in the city of Campobasso.


Frigojollinox is born

Our in-depth study of large industrial canning plants and a constructive dialogue with highly experienced engineers, technicians and food technologists, led to the revolutionary idea that has allowed us to stand out in our market. Our R&D department gave life to the first BM50 Multifunction Bench.


The key concept: multipurpose

With the liquidation of the minority shareholders, the company was fully taken over by the Cerri family.


A family company

The first FJ4.0 software is developed for the management of Frigojollinox systems which, using a SIEMENS® PLC and touchscreen panels up to 10”, allows accurately controlling and customising each process.


Revolution 4.0


All Frigojollinox systems are conceived, designed and manufactured in our Campobasso factory.

Starting from the 3D design, we move on to construction, the installation of all the pneumatic, water, gas, electrical and electronic systems, and, finally, the installation of the software developed in-house.

We carry out the entire process entirely in-house, to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. The accessories in our catalogue are supplied by selected Italian and European partners, who, like us, want to guarantee the best quality, functionality and efficiency to final customers.

"We keep a know-how of inestimable value, always available to the customer to enhance the raw materials and make any process more efficient.”

“To enhance raw materials without compromising efficiency or productivity.”