The Frigojollinox automatic cooking system

Set the parameters, place the product in the tank and start the cooking cycle

Flexible process management

Cook, sauté, stew, braise, boil, blanch, steam, cook in pots or vacuum bags. The Autocooking-TEC system allows cooking with any method in an accurate and efficientway.

Heating speed

The tank is fitted with a cavity filled with technical liquid, heated by immersed electric resistances or by a gas burner, which guarantees a perfect heat distribution both on the bottom and on the walls of the tank. The internal non-stick finish and the variable-speed scraping blade allow a very effective heat exchange and preventing the product from being burned. This guarantees a significant reduction of the heating times and the achievement of temperatures up to 140°C in less than 10 min.

Perfect temperature control

The system if equipped with temperature 3 probes : the first probe monitors the temperature of the technical liquid that heats the vat, the second monitors the temperature of the product in the vat, and the third monitors the core temperature of the product when whole products are being cooked (fruit, vegetables, pieces of meat or fish, etc.). Through these probes you can adjust the temperatures and the differentials to ensure a uniform  and super-quick heating with perfect control over any type of product.

Smart Energy Management

The heating elements are automatically managed by the system in relation to the parameters set and the type of product being processed. The combustion chamber specifically designed and the double-chamber and triple-layerthermal insulation make the most of the heat created without dispersing it in the air. With the Frigojollinox cooking system, and the IEM programme, energy waste is reduced “to the bone”.