The Frigojollinox automatic vacuum concentration system

Enter into Easy-Jam the characteristics you want to obtain, set the parameters, put the product in the tank and start the vacuum concentration cycle.

Technological integration

The Autovacuum-TEC vacuum concentration system, developed on the basis of the Autocookin-TEC, retains all the features that have made our cooking system unique by integrating them with dedicated systems:
Servo-assisted door opening with pneumatic piston, hermetic closure with automatic pressure, hopper for adding product without loss of vacuum, viewing window with wiper and LED light in order to view the product during processing, dedicated sampling system to avoid losing the vacuum in the tank and dedicated vacuum pump.

Our developers have integrated the control software with dedicated screens that guarantee precise process management.

Final product of superior quality

The vacuum concentration of a food product is a cooking process in a closed chamber which, thanks to pressures lower than the atmospheric pressure, allows the extraction of water with boiling of the raw material at temperatures below 100°C. The Autovacuum-TEC FJ allows a vacuum concentration at -0,9 bar with a boiling temperature of approximately 50°C, thus avoiding stressing the raw material while preserving its colour, flavour, aroma and organoleptic characteristics in general. This type of process guarantees in many cases a final product of superior quality and can be used in the production of jams and marmalades, ready-made sauces and condiments for pasta, baby food, chutneys, mustards, sauces, juices, concentrates of any kind, and much more.

Zero water consumption

Normal vacuum concentration systems require an important water flow for proper operation, resulting in a cost that significantly affects production. However, Autovacuum-TEC FJ leverages the four-stage vacuum pump, which, without the use of water, guarantees even shorter concentration times. This system too was developed through our IEM program for smart energy management with the collaboration of our certified suppliers.

Reduced process times by optimising efficiency

A 1-hour vacuum concentration process at 50°C is roughly equivalent to a normal 10-hour cooking process at 50°C, therefore with the vacuum at the same temperatures, the process times are reduced by 90%.
While normal vacuum concentration plants use obsolete tube bundle condensation systems, our R&D, Department, with 20+ years of experience honed in the development of this technology, designed an innovative steam condensation system that increases the efficiency of by 23%.
For this reason, only with Autovacuum-TEC Frigojollinox it is possible to extract up to 40 l/hour of water.