In this sector you find systems for the production and processing of agricultural and agri-food products such as jams, preserves and tomato sauce.
Machines for jams, fruit juices, ready-made sauces, truffles, and much more…

The Multipurpose Benches are complete and versatile systems, ideal for those who want to obtain a packaged and ready-to-sell product from food raw material.

All-in-one Machines with which it is possible to set up food processing facilities for jams, marmalades, fruit juices, tomato purées and much more…

Frigojollinox vacuum cookers and concentrators are extremely versatile systems, ideal for those who want to transform any type of food raw materials.

The extreme customisation of the process allows you to perfectly calibrate the system to the type of product you intend to process, and makes concentrators and cookers the ideal choice for laboratories in the canning, ready meals and baby food industries.

The Frigojollinox sterilisers and pasteurisers  are ideal for sanitising food products packaged by heat treatment.

The technologies used allow setting all parameters related to temperatures, times, and differentials in order to perfectly adapt the process to the type of product and the type of packaging used.

Our dryers allow dehydrating and drying food raw materials with extreme simplicity.

They work automatically and allow performing both static and dynamic processes with up to 24 settable phases.

From washing to packaging, many alternatives for each stage of the process for the creation of a customised production line.

A catalogue of accessories selected to guarantee maximum production efficiency without compromises.