Cuocitore CK 100



Concentrators and cookers

Frigojollinox vacuum cookers and concentrators are extremely versatile systems, ideal for those who want to transform any type of food raw materials.
The extreme customisation of the process allows you to perfectly calibrate the system to the type of product you intend to process, and makes concentrators and cookers the ideal choice for laboratories in the canning, ready meals and baby food industries.

cottura automatica icona


High-performance automatic heating system with a temperature that can be set up to 140°C, equipped with: heating by gas burner or electric resistances; cavity with water for perfect heat distribution; scraping blade; and non-stick glossy finish.

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System to guarantee perfect heat exchange, preventing the product from sticking to the walls of the tank during cooking.
All plants equipped with this system have a cooking tank with a non-stick glossy finish and a scraping blade, both on the bottom and on the walls, with variable speed setting.



Control and automation system with touch screen panel, Siemens® PLC, FJ4.0 management software, integrated data logger, Ethernet interface and WI-FI antenna.
Allows the setting, storage and display in real time of all the processing parameters; the automatic calculation of the F0, F100 and F71 algorithms; recording of all sterilisation processes with data download via USB; and remote control via Smartphone, tablet or PC.


System for fruit candying equipped with a basket with separate shelves and a system for rotating the basket with variable speed that guarantee perfect distribution of the product during the process and, therefore, perfect candying.


What you can do

• Bake at a temperature that can be set up to 140°C
• Cook/concentrate in vacuum at 50°C
• Brazing
• Fry
• Candle
• Cook in water, or other liquid, at atmospheric pressure or under pressure with a temperature that can be set up to 100°C
• Steam at atmospheric pressure or under pressure with a temperature that can be set up to 100°C
• Mix under vacuum and at atmospheric pressure

macchine per la produzione di marmellate

What you can produce

• Jams and marmalades
• Ready sauces
• Patè and savoury creams
• Baby food
• Oil and vinegar pickled foods
• Tomato purée
• Tomato preserves
• Ready meals
• Concentrate
• Fruit in syrup
• Fruit juices
• Soups

• Stews
• Jellies
• Candied fruit
• Mustards
• Sauces
• Topping for ice cream
• Fillings for fresh pasta
• Meat or fish in a jar
• Truffle preserves
• Food preserves of any kind

macchine per la produzione di marmellate


macchine per la produzione industriale di succhi di frutta


Sonda di temperatura al cuore

Valvole automatiche

Doccetta per la pulizia

Intercapedine su fondo

Intercapedine su fondo e pareti della vasca

Layer 1

Prelievo campione

Pedana antiscivolo rialzata



Intercapedine su fondo

Cavity on the bottom and walls of the tank

Hand shower for cleaning

Product addition grille

Raised non-slip platform

Automatic valves

Core temperature probe



Optional accessories

Rotary system for candying

Perforated basket for boiling / steaming with opening bottom

Hoist for extracting the baskets

Basket handling trolley