Cuocitore K100 - K200 - K300



Concentrators and cookers

Frigojollinox vacuum cookers and concentrators are extremely versatile systems, ideal for those who want to transform any type of food raw materials.
The extreme customisation of the process allows you to perfectly calibrate the system to the type of product you intend to process, and makes concentrators and cookers the ideal choice for laboratories in the canning, ready meals and baby food industries.

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Cooking system in water or steam equipped with heating via direct flame gas burner with electromechanical panel and gas control unit with on / off selector.


What you can do

• Cook in water, or other liquid, at atmospheric pressure or under pressure

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Cuocitore K100 - K200 - K300

Optional accessories

Perforated basket for boiling / steaming with opening bottom

Hoist for extracting the baskets

Basket handling trolley