essiccatore professionale



The professional, compact and versatile dryer that allows you to dry or dehydrate food raw materials with extreme simplicity. It works completely automatically and allows performing both static and dynamic processes with up to 24 settable phases. With SICCO60 setting and storing your recipes will be very simple and, thanks to the closed loop technology, you will never have process inconsistencies, while also keeping electricity consumption low and stable.


What you can dry

• Fruit
• Vegetables
• Aromatic and medicinal herbs
• Tea and herbal teas
• Flowers
• Spices
• Seeds
• Legumes
• Meat
• Fish
• Pasta


essiccatore professionale

Drying systems

Automatic-Dynamic drying system

This system allows setting temperature, percentage of humidity in the drying chamber and process time on 24 different phases and 3 storable recipes.
This system allows setting precise recipes for individual products, guaranteeing perfect replicability of the final product.
In addition, the process will stop automatically, and it will not be necessary to continuously check the drying stage. The temperature can be set from 20°C to 80°C in order to calibrate the process to the different types of product.

Automatic-Static drying system

Automatic-static drying system that allows setting the temperature and the percentage of humidity in the drying chamber you intend to use for the entire process.
The temperature can be set from 20°C to 80°C in order to calibrate the process to the different types of product.

ECO-DRY energy saving system

It allows to considerably reduce consumption with a maximum applied power of only 1.6kW.
The function can be set on both static and dynamic drying and guarantees substantial savings in production costs.

Fast Heating-Up system

It allows to automatically increase the power in the heating phases in order to reduce drying times.

Closed-loop process system

To prevent air pollution and allow the perfect standardisation of the final product.
The system always recirculates the same air during the drying cycle by constantly dehumidifying it, so the temperature and humidity of the air outside the dryer does not affect the process, thus guaranteeing standardised and replicable productions throughout the year and in any place.
Thanks to this system, the process air is not polluted, thus preventing mould growth on the product.
It is also equipped with an internal diagnostic system to check that everything is always working correctly.