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The Multipurpose Benches are complete and versatile systems, ideal for those who want to obtain a packaged and ready-to-sell product from food raw material. The technologies used make it possible to perform vacuum cooking and concentration phases as well as sterilisation and pasteurisation phases of the packaged product. They are all-in-one systems by which it is possible to set up food processing laboratories in the canning, ready meals and baby food sectors.
Our multifunctional benches are equipped with the latest Frigojollinox technologies and allow you to accurately and quickly perform multiple automatic processes.



Control and automation system with electromechanical panel equipped with digital thermostats and LED backlit push button panel with low voltage commands to monitor processing.

cottura automatica icona


High performance automatic heating system with a temperature that can be set up to 140 ° C equipped with: heating by gas burner or electric resistances; cavity with water for perfect heat distribution; scraping blade; non-stick glossy finish.

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System to ensure perfect mixing of the components used, equipped with a tank with a non-stick glossy finish and a scraping blade, both on the bottom and on the walls, with variable speed setting.



Semi-automatic tank cooling system with mains water, or with external chiller, to cool the milk up to +5°C. It allows you to keep the product at a specific temperature set via the touch screen panel.


What you can do

• Heat with a temperature that can be set up to 140 ° C
• Mix
• Cool with mains water or with an external chiller

macchine per la produzione di marmellate

What you can produce

• Solid soap
• Liquid soap
• Shower gel
• Shampoo
• Detergents in general



Griglie aggiunta prodotto

Miscelazione con controrotanti

Intercapedine su fondo

Intercapedine su fondo e pareti della vasca

Pedana antiscivolo rialzata

Valvole automatiche

Sonda di temperatura al cuore

Intercapedine su fondo

Cavity on the bottom and walls of the tank

Automatic valves

Core temperature probe

Product addition grille

Mixing with counter-rotating

Raised non-slip platform

Optional accessories

Cooling system with chiller