Mini dairy production systems

Mini dairy production systems are extremely versatile systems, ideal for those who want to transform milk into derivatives of different types.
The technologies used make it possible to perform the entire production process in an efficient and gentle way, in order not to ruin the characteristics of the raw material and to obtain a final product of superior quality.

They are all-in-one systems with which it is possible to set up dairy factories and laboratories for the production of cheeses, mozzarella, yogurt and much more…

cottura automatica icona


Manual cooking system with temperature up to 100°C equipped with: integrated heating via gas burner or electric resistances; cavity with water for perfect heat distribution; electromechanical panel and gas control unit with on/off selector.

concentrazione a vuoto icona


Manual tank cooling system with mains water, or with external chiller, to cool the milk up to +5°C.

What you can do

• Pasteurise milk at temperatures up to 100°C
• Heat milk and other liquids at temperatures up to 100°C
• Cool with mains water or with an external chiller

macchine per la produzione di marmellate

What you can produce

• Pasteurised milk
• Mozzarella
• Fresh cheeses
• Caciotta
• Pecorino cheese
• Primo sale cheese
• Fior di latte
• Caciocavallo
• Creamy yogurt
• Yogurt drink

Impianti Agroalimentari Caseario Latticini



Intercapedine su fondo

Cavity on the bottom and walls of the tank

Optional accessories

Cooling system with chiller