An idea born of the awareness of having honed priceless know-how over more than 40 years. A unique method that combines culinary traditions and experience with the most innovative food processing technologies.

We teach you how to technologise tradition while preserving authenticity and enhancing raw materials.

We pass on knowledge to train new professionals

Training courses: our teachers and specialised food technologists deliver training courses on the use of the systems directly in the customer’s laboratory. During the course, theoretical and hands-on lessons are delivered to teach about the functionality of the system, providing information on the different stages of the process and addressing issues related to food safety and the correct packaging of food products. Through production tests, it is possible to learn the use of the system and carry out complete production cycles.

A point of reference for inventing and innovating


The technological assistance service that provides Frigojollinox customers with a food technologist always by their side.

A dedicated phone line and Whatsapp address and the email form available in a dedicated area of the site,  allow customers to ask for advice, information, recipes, solutions and any other aspect regarding processes, products or regulatory and statutory provisions related to the food sector.