Frigojollinox is born

Antonio Cerri, an entrepreneur from Molise active in the supply of professional furnishings since the late 1950s, founded Frigojollinox in 1977 in the city of Campobasso.

The first Molise company engaged in the processing of stainless steel, it was immediately recognised at the regional level for its high production standards, becoming the main supplier of stainless steel food tanks for wine and oil.


The evolution begins

The entry into force of the law relating to the requirement to refrigerate milk after milking, engendered the revolving need for systems for storing and transporting milk, which was momentous for the factory, which was nestled in a land with a strong agricultural vocation, rich in cow and sheep farms and with a strong tradition in the agri-food processing sector.

The first Frigojollinox line of coolers and custom-made tanks for the transport of milk was born of this need, and allowed the company to conquer an important slice of the market, particularly in central-southern Italy and Sardinia. It is from this moment that Frigojollinox enters the national and international market of food plants for the first time.


CASARO, the mini dairy production system

The production of chillers allows the company to acquire new knowledge and skills in the dairy sector, a sector in strong growth especially thanks to the many small production companies that aim for innovation by investing in the direct transformation of their raw material.

This is where the idea of CASARO was born, the first fully automatic mini-dairy production system for the pasteurisation of milk and the production of cheeses. Presented at the CIBUS in Parma in 1988, it was immediately appreciated on the market and led the company to grow and expand its range of products, consolidating itself as one of the leading companies for the supply of equipment in the dairy sector.


New frontiers

After years of success alongside companies in the dairy sector, the company enhances its awareness of being able to support even small producers of artisanal preserves with professional, innovative equipment and fitted with technologies previously reserved only for large companies.

Hence, Frigojollinox began to develop the first projects to start the production of automatic kettles and pasteurisers for tomato preserves and oil-pickled foods. This moment marks the first step towards a new corporate vision.


The key concept: multipurpose

Our in-depth study of large industrial canning plants and a constructive dialogue with highly experienced engineers, technicians and food technologists, led to the revolutionary idea that has allowed us to stand out in our market. Our R&D department gave life to the first BM50 Multifunction Bench.

For the first time, cooking, vacuum concentration, pasteurisation and sterilisation systems were combined in a single machine with the aim of giving small agri-food companies a system to transform and enhance their raw material thanks to the most innovative technologies.

This system was followed by STERY2000, the first horizontal steriliser with integrated boiler, and BV150, a high-performance vacuum cooker and concentrator. The entire range of products we have in our catalogue has been developed on the same technological basis.


The modular system

The range of systems for the canning sector is expanded and thanks to the experience honed over the years; the company began to select national and international partners to complete its production lines.

The concept of the Frigojollinox modular system was born, a system that gives customers the possibility to choose from a variety of options the ideal solution for each phase of the process, in order to meet needs in terms of productivity, budget and type of production.


A family company

With the liquidation of the minority shareholders, the company was fully taken over by the Cerri family.

Under the guidance of the owner, Maria Barone, who took over following the loss of her husband Antonio Cerri, and the committment of Ivana Cerri, Michele Pettini and Carmen Cerri, the company spearheaded a revolution in the production and management methods, which were implemented to guarantee even more technological systems and increasingly more efficient services.


Cold drying

Research conducted in partnership with some universities, led to the birth of the first S-BIO40 cold dryer.

Even this unique system was created by keeping faith with the business concept that has always inspired our team: to technologise processes to enhance raw materials.


Revolution 4.0

The first FJ4.0 software is developed for the management of Frigojollinox systems which, using a SIEMENS® PLC and touchscreen panels up to 10”, allows accurately controlling and customising each process.

Thanks to this system, all customers can benefit from the economic advantages related to the purchase and use of an industry 4.0 system.



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