The Frigojollinox automatic pressure cooking system

Set the parameters, put the product in the tank, insert the core probe and start the cooking cycle.

Higher temperature = shorter process times

The advantage of steaming and boiling in water or other liquids, with pressures higher than 1bar, is to significantly reduce the process times. 1 hour of boiling at 100°C equals only 6 minutes of cooking with Pressure-tec. Thanks to this system it is possible to reach a pressure of 1,7 bar and a chamber temperature of 130°C for a reduction of the process times by 90%.

Perfect process control

Thanks to the combined technologies of Autocooking-TEC and Stery-TEC and the use of 3 probes, for constant monitoring of the temperature in the chamber and in the core of the product, the Pressure-TEC system process takes place in a completely automatic manner and with maximum accuracy. Once all the parameters have been set and the start button has been pressed, the machine will automatically carry out all the actions necessary to perform the process: water loading into the tank, controlled heating of the water and the product, and interruption and conclusion of the cycle on the basis of the temperature in the core of the product.