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The standard for jams

Easy-Jam is the Frigojollinox software for the standardisation of jams and marmalades. Thanks to this program obtaining a standardised and replicable product will be very simple even starting from types of fruit with different characteristics.

Easy-Jam tells which quantities to use in the recipe and how long to cook or concentrate them, making your work simple and efficient.

macchine per la produzione di marmellate


Perfect reports for every cycle

FJ Data Reader is the Frigojollinox software essential for reading and organising all data recorded by the Stery-TEC system during heat treatments.

With this program, you will have the possibility to print Time/Temperature charts, lists of temperatures and pressures recorded every 12 seconds and reports for each single heat treatment performed.

You will be able to organise the files according to type of product, date and production batch, so that you always have proof that demonstrates the actual sanitisation of a particular product by heat sterilisation or pasteurisation treatment.

Unlike standard data loggers that require receipt printing, FJ Data Reader is totally paperless and allows you to store more specific data in a more organised way.