The Frigojollinox automatic sterilisation and pasteurisation system

Insert the probe at the core of the product, put the containers in the tank, set the parameters and start the process.

The right heat treatment for your product

The sterilisation and pasteurisation heat treatments represent the most delicate phase in the production process of canned food and similar foods. If not done correctly, the product may not be completely sanitised or its organoleptic characteristics may be compromised. With the Stery-TEC system, the customer has complete confidence in the  accurate completion of such processes. Heat treatment can be carried out both with saturated vapour and in water and the management software allows a complete customisation of the entire process by setting the parameters relating to temperatures, times and differentials. The goal is to give the customer an ideal, extremely versatile tool to obtain products of the best quality.

Calculation of F - time - energy + quality

Stery-TEC allows you to carry out sterilisation or pasteurisation processes with the normal setting of time/temperatureparameters, and the calculation of theF algorithm (F0, F100 and F71). A heat treatment based on the calculation of the F algorithm allows you to optimally define the sterilisation times, taking into account both the heating phase and the cooling phase of the product. By sterilising with the help of the F algorithm, the process times are reduced and energy efficiency increases as well as the quality of the final product.

By sterilising with the help of the F algorithm, the process times are reduced and energy efficiency increases as well as the quality of the final product.

Safety first

The sanitisation of packaged food products is achieved through pasteurisation and sterilisation, which can inhibit the growth of any microorganism and bacteria that are potentially harmful or fatal to humans. Frigojollinox takes the issue of food safety very seriously, so much so that it installed on its systems 2 probes to record the temperature in the core of the product, as well as an integrated data logger which records all data relating to production times, temperatures and pressures. All recorded data relating to each and every production batch can be downloaded via the USB interface and organized with theFJ DATA READER in order to have on hand the certification of the sanitisation process. The software also allows processing Time/Temperature charts with the acquired data.

Smart Energy Management

The Stery-TEC finds its maximum expression in terms of energy efficiency thanks to the IEM program applied to our flagship sterilising autoclave STERY2000. Indeed, on this model the tank heating system, obtained through an integrated electric boiler that produces saturated steam, is managed completely automatically. With this solution, heat loss and heating times have been reduced to a minimum, alongside a reduction by 35% of the powers applied to the full advantage of an even lower energy cost. In addition, for cooling, we studied a nebulisation system which considerably speeds up the first phase of cooling by reducing water consumption by 75%.


With the Stery-TEC system on the STERY50, STERY2000 and BM50TOP models, the customer has the opportunity to obtain FDA certification for the marketing of food products in the USA.